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Solo Exhibition – Vernissage 05 March 2015

(Exhibitions, News), 16.02.2015


I am quite nervous and also very excited about my first solo exhibition at gallery Casa del Arte in Zurich. The vernissage will be on 05 March 2015 at 18:30-21:00. It would be wonderful to see you there.

For the first time I will show my whole body of work. My oil paintings, sculptures and also small installations.

For many years I have been working on the subject “emotions — hidden emotions, emotions running through your head. And I always ask myself, is it real? Every one of us is unique, a king, a queen settled into their environment. Yet still we are alone. Separated from the world and not ascertainable by the people around us. We feel and we think. Can we connect the two?

I love to work and experiment with different materials. The subject is in my head, which triggers emotions and the emotions will lead me to translate it into art.

Always different and yet everything is connected into a whole, into One!

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