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Book “The Oneself” Cemetery Forum Zurich

(News, Projects), 05.04.2013


  • Sandra Ili - Das Eigene

For the conclusion of the exhibition “diverse until the end” the Cemetery Forum Zurich invited leaders from the in the arts, science and politics to design a page for the book project “The Oneself”.

I feel very honoured to have been selected to take part in this exciting project.

It is always the others who die …. to immerse myself into the idea of dying or how my death would be when the time comes was a big challenge. I tried to translate the topic into my photography and words.

In the photo I am standing in the center of a big furnace and am asking myself …. where does it (soul, essence) go afterwards? Maybe nowhere, maybe one stays in someones heart. Maybe. I truly wish.

Closing Reception 25. April 2013

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